Umut Elestekin

Chairman - CEO

After graduating from the Faculty of Business Administration at Bilkent University in 1998, he completed his master's degree in 2005 at Bilgi University. In 1998, he started to work in the health sector immediately after his graduation and worked as marketing director, sales and marketing director and general manager in various companies. In 2009 he became the founding partner of Segel GmbH in Switzerland. In 2011 he started as the regional director of the Middle East and Southern Europe, at Valugen GmbH in Switzerland, which he still is a partner. In 2013, he became the partner of incred'X, the patient follow-up and reporting platform, and took charge of the Middle East Division. Umut Elestekin has been a consultant for the international clinical trial for the US-based KSpine since 2012 and the Finland-based Synoste OY. In May 2015, he became the founding partner and chairman of NOYA Enterprise, Consulting and Information Technologies Inc.

Tolga Güngör

Board Member - COO

He graduated from TED Ankara College and Hacettepe University Faculty of Literature. He worked in agencies, magazines, fairs, hospitals and international companies. He designed communication campaigns, produced documentaries, guide books, and a number of journals. He led sustainability projects and worked on joint projects with international organizations such as UNDP and IFRC. He served as Secretary General for sectoral associations, and public relations manager for multinational structures. He is a board member and the executive responsible for organization of NOYA Girişim, Danışmanlık ve Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş.

Sinan Vural

Board Member - CTO

After he finished Tarsus American College, he studied Aircraft Engineering. He was a writer and editor in the magazines and a producer in television programs. He has become one of the few names of advertising and cinema industry in the field of computer animation and visual effects,. He is a board member of NOYA Enterprise, Consultancy and Information Technologies Inc. and the executive responsible for technological development. He is married and has a daughter.